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      Wanhui emphasizes independent research and development, and has a professional R&D and design team composed of more than 100 technical backbones. The members are composed of market research experts, senior designers and material research experts to ensure the overall leadership of products from appearance to quality.


      Wanhui took the lead in establishing a whole-process worry-free service integrating R&D, design, development, production, sales and maintenance, and continuously improved the added value of services.


      Wanhui Industry has always adhered to the corporate tenet of "deep cultivation in the industry, extreme innovation", and successfully demonstrated the image and concept of the "one-stop color cosmetics packaging material service provider" that the company is committed to creating; communicated with industry colleagues to share the development trend of the domestic and foreign beauty industry, It will provide more directions and ideas for future product research and development and innovation, and provide effective assistance for Wanhui to consolidate its domestic market share and expand its international market.
      Internet Seven-Character Practitioner
      • FOCUS

        Rooted in the industry for more than 20 years, specializing in the production of a full range of high-quality cosmetic packaging materials

        See the improvement of production efficiency
        The confidence comes from customer affirmation
      • EXTREME

        Good quality is the minimum requirement
        The ultimate service is our pursuit
      • QUICK

        Fast product upgrade, fast research and development,
        Faster delivery, faster for customers





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